BBQ Solutions

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

Feeding a crowd this summer?

Need an impressive but simple barbecue idea?

Crystal Palm's Pulled Pork is the way to go!



  • Rub the whole shoulder, top, bottom, & sides, with an even coat of Howdy Amigo
    • rest in the fridge, wrapped...

BBQ with Bacon & Mince

BBQ with Bacon & Mince

Beautiful bacon and magical mince are a perfect pairing on your barbecue this summer, whether they are paired together on a burger or you wrap your mince in a tasty bacon weave.

Bacon & BBQ

Most barbecue recipes, and all bacon weaves, call for american style streaky bacon. Which, if you are in North America is very easy to come by and affordable. In Australia this is not so much the case. When you do find the uniform streaky bacon you are looking for you usually have to think about selling the naming rights of your first born...

A classic aussie BBQ - hot & fast

Barbecue (BBQ) - A meal or gathering at which meat, fish, or other food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire or on a special appliance (Oxford Dictionary)

The barbecue that our parents and grandparents taught us in Australia is meat on metal over flames - hot & fast.

It is simple, quick and easy and Crystal Palm can add a couple of extra simple steps to make your next short grilling session even better than your last.

  • Rub your meat with one of our spice...

'Beer Can' Chicken

The gimmick of a chook cooking on a beer can just warms my cockles - the visual of the bird standing tall on, on his own two legs (with the help of the can) is just brilliant. It is a reminder of the human ability to create cans, beer, barbecues and kill chickens. I could look at it all day but then I get hungry, so I drop the lid and get it cookin'.

I like a bit of science as much of the next person so I am well aware of the myths associated with this method of cooking,...

Low & Slow Barbecue

Low & slow barbecue, that is the traditional American barbecue style, is perfect for a relaxing day of cooking at home and catering for any size crowd.

Chances are you have heard of this style of ‘cue recently in Australia, or previously if you have travelled in the USA. This style has been gaining momentum in Australia since the early 2010s and has gone from strength to strength since the peak body for barbecue competitions in Australia was formed, the Australasian Barbecue Alliance (ABA). The ladies and gents behind the ABA have promoted low & slow well...